Need some help setstopbot/quit game

so, i try to quit the game if i don’t have enough drones in bay. for that i use the same idea like ownanomaly; so:
in bot.cs

public bool StopBot { private set; get; } 
public void SetStopBot(bool value)
StopBot = value;

in anomalyenter.cs; i put:

public bool StopBot = false;
if (droneInBayCount < 5)

warp or retreatTask


and in undock.cs

if (bot?.StopBot != true)



once we change the tasks ( I retreat or I am into station) I lose the value of stop bot stored in anomaly enter?? How can I prevent that?

if you set it, you have it till you quit exe file.

issue you have here:

public bool StopBot = false;

you need to do remove that line and istead do


where needed

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Thx I really forgot about that :))