Need Help with eve online bot

I recently downloaded the bot and installed the script, but I can’t understand how to create a configuration, what directives are there and where to prescribe them ? Is there a complete guide ?

For creating the configuration, you can use the graphical user interface on the catalog page for your bot. For example, here is the page for a bot for EVE Online:

The button ‘Configure bot’ on that page brings you into the configuration GUI.

Here is a screenshot of that bot configuration GUI:

In this screenshot, we also see that the individual elements have texts to describe their meaning.

For any configuration that you created there, you can bookmark it in your web browser. To run the bot with that configuration, use the button labeled ‘Download script with this command line to run the bot’.

I also get a error when trying to start bot like this

may be you need to write “pause-app-keys”.

Nah sorry, I was trying to start “older” build.
Just got yellow error text

You can look into the text output from the bot to get a more detailed description of the error.
Each bot has specific messages to guide you on how to fix problems. Here is an example from bot 01b0593381d808ca8f7eab8268f60a7e3f2da4a8cb67cdc740435dd13f641d09:

I see no route in the info panel. I will start when a route is set.

You get this error message because this bot used the in-game user interface to let you specify the route you want to travel.

For context, here is a part of the description of bot 01b0593381d808ca8f7eab8268f60a7e3f2da4a8cb67cdc740435dd13f641d09:

This bot makes your travels faster and safer by directly warping to gates/stations. It follows the route set in the in-game autopilot and uses the context menu to initiate jump and dock commands.

For EVE Online, there are hundreds of public bots, so it is also possible you used a different bot.

Ty guys but im so newble in progamming and dont understand how to change a script for mining with orca in fleet :frowning: