Need help with A Bot

I’ve absolutely no coding experience in C#. I managed to get A-Bot to work but i would like to make 1 change. When it warps to an anom i want it to check if a blue is already there and ignore the anom if that is the case (also warp away to the next site/bookmark).

Would some be please so kind as to tell me what I need to change because simply do not understand the code. :slight_smile:


PS: to clarify i would like to know where such a check would be suitable and how to tell the bot to do stuff.

well you should be more specific… because Abot is quite wide term

but it’s done in combat.cs

var listOverviewEntryFriends = listOverviewEntry?.Where(entry => entry?.ListBackgroundColor?.Any(BackgroundColors.IsFriend) ?? false)?.ToArray();

if (listOverviewEntryFriends.Count() == 0
// do stuff
// warpout
yield return new SkipAnomaly {bot = bot };
yield return new AnomalyEntery {bot = bot };

logic is bit more complex than this example, but I believe I’ve posted it in my thread some weeks ago