Need help adding a function to the combat bot

I was wondering if someone here could help me figure out how I can add a function from Warp to zero bot into the combat bot.

What I am trying to is:
Running the combat bot: FrontendWeb.Main

And if the bot does not find any anomalie in the system he will then warp to next system to check if there is a anomalie there.
We already have a bot that can warp between systems, it´s here.

Before I start the bot I would pre make the systems that the bot should go to.

The combat bot works perfectly.
I just need to add the travel funcion in to it.

Thank you.

Hi Ivar,
Thank you for asking. Combining functions from multiple bots seems a common objective, so I documented this in more detail.
You can see the whole process in this video:

Also, here is a link to the resulting combined bot: Elm Editor

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