Multiple alpha accounts

i want to run multiple alpha accounts at the same time. what virtual machine should i use and what bots would work with it?

I have seen good results with the virtual machines from shadow:
Shadow has the advantage of costing just a fraction of the usual VMs with GPUs offered, for example, on Microsoft Azure.

An alternative to (more) VMs is using input focus scheduling to run multiple bot instances on the same machine: bots/ at main · Viir/bots · GitHub

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is there any free VMs i can run on my pc that are good? im trying to run maybe 10-15 alphas at one time.

Will there be an option to make multiple alpha accounts on a computer with a GNU/Linux OS?

Yes, it looks like CCP is working on that with ‘EVE Anywhere’
EVE Anywhere should help overcome the current limitations on Linux.
Besides that, it will also make it simpler to run multiple instances simultaneously in general.

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I’ve heard people are using VMWare + Windows7. Not sure VMWare has free option though. In any case windows 7 isn’t free. I myself tried virtualbox+win7 and failed to start eve, black screen. Haven’t tried MS Hyper-V yet. Anyway, each vm needs about 2GB memory to run os+eve, if you want 10-15 clients, then you’ll need 20-30GB memory, and 10-15 cpu threads too. Not sure if GPU can handle 10 clients simultaneously, otherwise doable.

“Alpha” accounts can’t run simultaneously on one machine. On login client says that only one alpha can run on this PC. To workaround, people run several VMs with one client each, which is an overkill ofc.

What are linux limitations, could you explain? According to this thread EVE Launcher for Linux - #206 by Dravick_Afterthought - Linux - EVE Online Forums everything works if with messy setup.

So far, I don’t see an implementation in the botlab client to interface with graphical user interfaces of programs on Linux. In play sessions with live environment (without a simulated environment), the botlab client takes screenshots from the game client and sends inputs to the game client. These parts are specific to an API, like the one of Windows.
The promise of EVE Anywhere is an interface that we can use through a web browser. So we could reuse existing implementations for web browsers to interface with EVE Online.

On Linux Eve client runs under Wine. I suppose Botlab can be run the same way, with all needed APIs provided by Wine. Did not check it though.

Ok, then maybe it works with Wine too. :+1:

but will the bot work with eve anywhere?

We will see when EVE Anywhere is available.

Regarding multiple alpha accounts, before CCP removed the option to run in DX9, it was possible to run two alpha accounts (or one alpha and any number of omega) by having one be run under DX9, and the other under DX11. I always wondered if there was some way to sandbox eve clients via DirectX to run more than two alpha accounts at a time.