Module Activation when using warp to 0 bot in eve

When using the warp to 0 bot I would like it to activate the covert ops cloaking device ii once its initiates warp in my blockade runner. I added this line to bot settings “activate-module-always = covert ops cloaking device ii”. The ship enters warp and does activate the cloaking device, the issue is it then immediately turns the cloaking device back off. It repeats this on off cycle constantly until it gets to the next gate and jumps. Have I made an error in the bot settings? Can this constant cycle be of shutting the module on and off be prevented? Thank you for your time.

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Hi Dave,
With the description so far, I suspect the bot did not detect that the module had already been turned on. (You will see that when looking at the status text from the bot, it then says it is intending to turn the module on all the time)
To enable a bot to detect whether a ship module is on or off, we first need to collect training data on both module states. Now, it seems that the training data set we have so far does not cover the appearance of this module type in your game client.
I can adapt the bot to work with your setup when you send me the complete recording export of such a session.

The easiest way to export sufficient information is using the ‘Export session recording archive’ button:


You can send this play session recording to