Modifying Eve Warp to 0 bot to use Overview

Really liking the warp to 0 bot, but I’m in nullsec and we have jumpgates so right clicking the next box in the route doesn’t work. I was wondering if it’s possible to use the Overview?

I was thinking I’d create a custom gates only overview tab that shows only stargates and jumpgates. Would the bot be able to read/detect the yellow gate or station icon that indicates the next gate/station in the route? The bot could then click that gate/station listed in the overview and then send keyboard ‘D’ for jump or dock.

I’m an aspiring game programmer, so I was thinking of trying to modifythe bot, but wasn’t sure if it’s capable of doing what I want.


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To answer my own question, it looks like it should be possible.

I loaded a josn into that alternate UI thing, and the yellow icon on the overview was detected.

Now I just need to figure out how to modify the code to have the bot left click that row in the overview and then left click the third box from the left in the Selected Item window. Depending on if the row clicked is a gate or station, the same third buttton is dock or jump.

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Thanks for sharing your experience!
Yes, you can use the overview entry for the gate as well. You can get the color via the iconSpriteColorPercent field here:

To see the icon’s color value on your setup, you can expand the node in the tree view in the alternate UI. (You don’t need to start a game client to get the color as you can export the reading from a previous bot session)

If you cannot use the context menu, the selectedItemWindow is an alternative. You don’t need to go by the position to identify a button in there, as the buttons have identifying textures.

If you have any issues with the coding, you can send me the reading from your setup so I can derive the code.

Thanks for the help. It’d probably take me weeks to learn/figuring out elm.

From what I can figure out, the sprite icon color value is:
_color = {“aPercent”:100,“rPercent”:100,“gPercent”:100,“bPercent”:0}

And it looks like depending on if the Selected Item is a gate or a station, the “actions” to left click would be

Here’s the memory reading json:

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Interesting discovery. Looking into your memory reading, I found the strings you mentioned in the _name property of the UI element representing the action button. It looks like we can use these names to distinguish the actions as an alternative to the texturePath of the contained sprite.

Starting from the program code of bot 54ea2cb4bf, we can divide your adaptation into two stages:

These two changes resulted in bot f67af302ea and bot 033e3f72c1. As always, you can run the bots directly from the GitHub repository.