Modding combat anomally bot

Ok so I am totally new here but I love the features that bot offers.
Again I am new and know nothing but I would like to try to modify this bot for my application which is as follows:

  1. start in base
  2. verify if no bad/neutral standings players are in the system (if yes stop here and play sound)
  3. restock mobile tractors (4 on board) - put anything else into item hangar
  4. repair ship and drones
  5. undock
  6. open scanner find and warp to anomaly with specific name and close scanner (we probably should keep list of anomalies visited so that we don`t keep flying to the same ones)
  7. activate tractor
  8. if tractor cannot be launched because one is already in place (because some1 is already here or we were here) go back to step 6.
  9. if all is good and tractor was placed put on corp chat name of current anomaly and save location of tractor in default folder
  10. set to orbit tractor at default distance km (50)
  11. activate shields, afterburner and launch drones (preferably ones that are not damaged or each run different group of drones?)
  12. target rats and set drones to attack them one by one (although drones attacks automatically most of the times so we could mayvbe skip this)
  13. prioritize rats with specific names over others if present
  14. when all waves are done recall drones and verify if tractors are still in inventory: yes - go back to step 6. no - dock to station and go back to step 1

during the activities monitor all the time local for bad/neutrals entering - if any enters dock to station immidietly and play sound. Same gose if we loose our shields or active drones

So dont sugarecoat me pls and tell me if this is even possible to achieve and not waste of my time? :slight_smile:
I for now know nothing about this bot but I wanna learn, I have some programming background in Java etc. Maybe you could gide me if this is doable? Is there any guide?

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Welcome, and thank you for sharing your application!
On the question of possibilities: The bot interface supports activities a player can perform using mouse and keyboard input. If you need to use a microphone for an activity, it will not be possible to automate it. On the input side, the interface limits you to what you can see on the screen. It does not support reacting to a sound played in-game.
Having the bot play a sound is no problem. People do that regularly.
It seems like you are thinking about the game EVE Online. I am not very familiar with that application, but it seems there are already bots for most of the activities you have in mind.
There are about twenty guides and tutorials, some specifically for EVE Online. You can see the overview of guides at

Experience with programming might help, but the first step is to collect the training data for your application, so there is no need for programming at this stage.
We can make a video call where I can help you live, also with collecting training data or programming. I will be back in the office on Monday. The first step would be to run an existing bot like 4c8e7d1caf also because this is part of collecting training data. There is a guide on how to do that at

Damn thats not the level of support I was expecting :slight_smile: in a good way ofcourse
Monday is public holiday in my country but I can definietely meet this week - how can I reach you?

In the meantime I will go through the guides :slight_smile:

Sure, we will find a time that works, no problem.
You can reach me with a private message here on the forum and via Discord username Viir#6305.