Mission running bot does not execute missions

I downloaded the latest version on https://github.com/botengine-de/Optimat.EO/releases/download/v16.07.01/16.07.01.Optimat.EveOnline.exe and followed the guide at Eve Online mission running bot. It makes it all the way to the mission start point and then it either just stops or moves between reading the module or hovering over the overview. I tried it on the Smuggler Interception mission which should work since the execute button is green. Does it not work anymore because the bot has not been updated in almost 2 years?

I guess the Optimat bot does not work because there was a change in this area in 2017 which has not yet been integrated into the Optimat bot:

For people interested in automating farming standings or running missions, an easier way seems to be Easier Setup of Mission Running Bot for EVE Online

How hard would it be to update this?

I guess you mean updating to the current version of Sanderling memory reading.
I try to image how it would work:

One thing to do is to replace assemblies in Optimat.EO/lib at master · botengine-de/Optimat.EO · GitHub by newer ones from Sanderling build.
In case the interface has changed, maybe adaptions need to be made on the Optimat side. E.g. I remember some arrays where changed to IEnumerable.
Right now, I do not see more to do to update to new memory reading.
In those activities I listed, I do not recognize anything hard.


I know this is an old topic, but I only just stumbled upon this mission running bot.

Do you think you can tweak it to make it work again for the current EVE version?

I’m guessing the dev is not going to update this any longer and I have zero skills in this. :frowning:

Hopefully someone here can help!

So, a little update here.

I have coped the lib files to the Optimat lib and opened the solution in VB.

When compiling, I get a whole lot of errors that references are missing.

Also, I have used the wiki and googled how to identify those arrays you are talking about and changing them to IEnumerable, to no avail.

You say you do not recognize anything hard, however that’s because you surely are very experienced. :wink:

For me, this is difficult.

If you don’t feel like updating this yourself, would you at least assist?

Thank you!


Yes I assist. For example, if you have a link to a commit on github with your changes, I can take a look at your version.