Mining TS script custom target

//extract the ore type from the name as seen in overview. “Asteroid (Plagioclase)”

string OreTypeFromAsteroidName(string AsteroidName)=>
AsteroidName.ValueFromRegexMatchGroupAtIndex(@“Asteroid (([^)]+)” ,0);

I cant exclude standard Veldspar (per Overview filter) and i have no idea about the coding except that the String needs to be defined properly (want to target Dense or Conc Veldspar when available). Also, what is the best way to earn when mining with Venture (Alphas)? Is there a better way to earn ISK when i get a good ship that is well equipped example missioning or ratting (tried ratting but not worth it except with good ships in nullsec). Also if i run 2 sessions do i pay twice 16 per min? I plan on running like 30 next year probably at once! :smiley: different ip addresses ofc.

If the name / word Dense veldspar is in overview, yes, you can chose him.
if not, you have to setup an scaner asteroids.

dunno how much exactly you do in a venture from asteroids/day …
if you do less than 2-300 m /24h there is a way: ratting in a null system /region

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Can i rat in nullsec with Cruiser (Moa well equipped) with bot?

vni is the best solution, if you are in a corp from null

i make like 50 mil per day in high sec 1.0 by mining Veldspar. Any better choice of ore im not aware of that you might know? According to prices only low sec is an option and i need drones for that so mb later.

find a null corpo from a big ally, for start do salvage if you dont have the skills for an vni. A full vni alpha is around 1m-1.5m sp .
a good salvager make 40 m mil/h in null; but in 3h your are exhausted… is good enough to buy 1 daily injector sp and use him next day.
in 2-3 weeks, start to rat with an full vni., you do arround 400m/ day with Sanderling ( garbage -only commander loot script) => 6 plex/ month
stay 2 months to rat in alpha state and put isk in daily injectors but do not consume them. the rest of money, put them to buy later plex for 1 year or minim 6 months. for this 2 months , learn eve, play, fleet, pvp, etc
after you have for 6 month plex’s/ 1 year, buy them, and use all sp ( 3m sp) . and do nasty things ( and do not forget to buy minim 1 plex montly in avance and always use Sanderling for ratting)