Mining bot warp to bookmark

is there a way to get a bot to mine at a bookmark instead of random belts i live in wormhole space and would sometime like to have the bot mine while I’m semi AFK. there are no belts to warp to just anoms but if I can setup a bookmark to warp to that would be great and just have it going to town while I’m watching a movie or something. I’ve tried searching maybe I’m just not that good at looking things up but I haven’t really found something for that

If you don’t find an app that already does this, the first step would be to find out how you can do this in the game client using mouse and keyboard input. It sounds like you are using EVE Online. I would open the menu on the surroundings button (the sun icon in the info panel) and see if you find the bookmark in there.
If you find your bookmark in that menu, it probably has submenus to initiate warping to that location.

If that route works for you, recording the context menu entries’ names would be sufficient to adapt an existing bot to use your bookmark. Using context menus is a popular approach to navigating in EVE Online, so the implementation to get a menu entry for a given label is already in place.

Here is an example of how such an adaption of an existing bot works: Eve Jetcan Mining

People often use screenshots like this to clarify how their game client looks:

there are 2 ways of doing this either thru right click menu in picture bm1 or thru a window you can open that has a list of bm for current system in pic bm2bm 1

could even use the left click sun icon and goto location from that

I see a picture but it is blurry. Do you have a version in original resolution? If you do not have an image, a plain session recording with your scenario would work as well.