Mining Bot Targeting and Jump

Two questions with this one.

Question 1: Is there something I can input into the settings to give some time between the actions the bot takes? I find sometimes it will click on a strip-miner when the asteroid is already completed. Making it waste its entire cycle on an asteroid not there. Or is there an option to force a check of a miner active on a asteroid that is not there.

Questions 2: I now notice when the miner is full, it clicks upon the station I want it to go back to but it repeatedly clicks to the left until it reaches the far left of the overview page. It then continues to click the location without clicking on dock or warp. Just continuously opens that submenu, and never warps back. This just started happening also it was working fine before.

Yes, many bots support this via the bot-settings in the configuration. There are also mining bots for EVE Online supporting this. I found an example here:
With that one, you can use the following bot-settings string to increase the delay to 2.5 seconds:

bot-step-delay = 2500

When you have applied this setting, you will also see the increased delay in the timeline in the session view in devtools.

There is a trick to learn about available settings without reading the program code or bot description.
When you use the following settings string:

invalid-setting = 678

The bot stops with the following error message:

Failed to parse these bot-settings: Unknown setting name 'invalid-setting'.
Did you mean 'unload-station-name'?
Here is a list of supported settings names: 'bot-step-delay', 'hide-when-neutral-in-local', 'mining-module-range', 'module-to-activate-always', 'ore-hold-max-percent', 'run-away-shield-hitpoints-threshold-percent', 'select-instance-pilot-name', 'targeting-range', 'unload-station-name', 'unload-structure-name'

Michael, thanks for letting me know about this! Though I am now having the issue where it says unrecognized option for the bot even though it worked on the same one yesterday? Its throwing this for almost every option now.

Yesterday I updated the configuration interfaces under The scripts that we can download there since yesterday are compatible with the botlab client version 2021-08-23 or newer.

If you try to use a script from the new configuration UI with an older version of the botlab client, you get the ‘Unrecognized option’ error.

The guide to install the new version is at

Awesome, is there anything that would check the miners that are activated. I’m finding that you loose a lot of time because the miner triggers and the following one completes the asteroid but leaves the first one on as if it was still there, letting an entire cycle go by with no ore mined.

Yes, for example, you can look at the module buttons. You will see the appearance of a module button change when you activate the module.
AFAIR someone used this to compute how long the modules were active and toggled them off depending on how long they had been active. I’d look for ‘short cycling’ to see what people have been doing in this area.