Mining bot - stuck launching drones

Hello all,

Bot will unload my ore in the station ( had a full hold when i first launched bot) undock. Select an asteroid belt, warp to it, and launch drones. Then continues to try to launch drones until i stop it. Anything I’m doing wrong on my end? some setting or window? i have the classic ui (not photon or whatever it’s called) and my drone’s window open. I’m only able to launch 4 drones at a time, is it looking for 5 in space? Also, in the status text from the bot, it says Choosing astroid, but never locks anything. any suggestions would be helpful. thanks!

Session performance: times unloaded: 0, volume unloaded / m³: 0

Current reading: mining hold filled 0%. Shield HP at 97%. Found 2 mining modules. I see the drones window: In bay: 3, in local space: 4.

  • I see ship UI and overview, undocking complete.
    ++ The mining hold is not yet filled 99%. Get more ore.
    +++ I see no locked target.
    ++++ Choosing asteroid ‘Asteroid (Veldspar)’
    +++++ Launch drones
    ++++++ Click menu entry ‘with text containing ‘Launch drone’’.

EVE Online framework status:
Last reading from game client: 000117-248703: 0 rects containing 0 pixels
Last result from volatile process is: Success: {“CompletedEffectSequenceOnWindow”:{}}
Current activity: Operate bot.

Welcome Edward :wave:

If you used bot 999f03ff3e, that one decides relatively simply: If there are drones in the bay and less than 5 in space, it tries to launch drones.

Here is another bot that works with your setup:
364fb5b842 is just as simple but uses four instead of five as the threshold for drones in space.

We could also make a variant that adapts to the limits of the current character/ship. But that would require you to share a session from your setup that we can use to train a new bot variant.

For the developers, here is the change that led to 364fb5b842: