Mining bot problem

I am in space, shield HP at 100%. Ore hold filled 93%. + I see we are in space. ++ The ore hold is not full enough yet. Get more ore. +++ I see no locked target. ++++ Choosing asteroid ‘Asteroid (Condensed Scordite)’ +++++ Failed to read the distance: Text did not match expected number format: ‘2 980 m’ ++++++ Wait ---- EVE Online framework status: Last result from volatile host is: Success: {“GetMemoryReadingResult”:{“Completed”:{“mainWindowId”:“139395560”,“serialRepresentationJson”:"{“pythonObjectAddress”:"14145… Current activity: Operate bot.

Basically it won’t aproach an asteroid or engage mining tools if it’s already within 10 km range

It looks like you have discovered a new way of the rendering of the distance. I will add your observation to the training data so that the mining bot will support your setup too.

Okay. Thanks for the quick answer!

You can run the updated bot from bots/implement/applications/eve-online/eve-online-mining-bot at f0ae1e8f5bcf2c13e88177a2795db7651b32f207 · Viir/bots · GitHub