Mining bot only works for a few minutes

I am using a mining bot for Eve online and when I set the time for how long the bot should run for, it always seems to stop after like fifteen minutes. It was set for 24 hours, I tried setting it for 24 hours and 24 minutes thinking maybe hours and minutes were mixed with no luck. Am I doing something wrong?

Did you use an offline session in that case? Offline sessions are always limited to fifteen minutes. To avoid that limit, enable the ‘online session’ option in the ‘Configure Session’ view before starting the session.
In any case, the BotLab client displays why the session finished. If you are not sure yet what the reason was, it is better to look into the BotLab client window to know for sure.

Yes I did use the offline version, as it said it would run for 24 hours. This explains why I was having so much trouble with it the other day. I was having trouble getting it to read the station right, I have a feeling I was putting too much into the setting for docking station. Between that and the bot only running for a few minutes I had a hell of a time trying to get it to work. Where does it say that you can only run it for 15 minutes without doing the online session? I was under the impression the online sessions are paid and the offline was free, is this correct? Sorry I have only just recently started playing the game, and quickly got bored with how long mining takes. It takes longer than fifteen minutes to even fill my ship. I think I may have gotten it to dock at the right station somehow, but then I turned on the hide from neutrals and it would never undock so I had to turn it off. I never saw anyone except for pilot has no standing so idk if that was working or not either. So i guess I will have to try testing the bot step by step so I can see if I can get it to work properly before I actually pay for it. It was very confusing because it appears to say the offline sessions can go up to 24 hours, so I kept assuming that something was going wrong, or I was doing something wrong.

Ok so I just saw the pricing tab on the website and I feel kind of dumb because it answers a few of my questions. I see now there it says the fifteen minute limit, I wish I had seen it earlier. I guess I will test it with the free online credits and see if I can get it to work.

Thank you for sharing your experience. Knowing that will help us to improve the interface to clarify these things.

Currently this limit is shown before you start a session in the ‘Configure Session’ view:

After hearing your experience, I think it might help to add a warning in the place where you can configure the additional time limit.

Yes, that is correct.

You don’t need to use an online session to test a mining bot, as there are multiple ways to test all functionality in less than fifteen minutes.

The easiest way to quickly test a full cycle is to tell the bot to unload if the ore hold is filled more than one percent.
When you use bot 3c371ca951, you can do that with following line in the bot settings:

unload-mining-hold-percent = 1

With this setup, you will reach the threshold to unload with a single cycle of a mining module (Or even faster if you manually finish the module cycle).
This way, you can test a complete cycle of traveling to the mining site, mining, and unloading at your preferred station or structure, all within six minutes.

Let me know in case you see any issues.