Mining bot not able to access overview

when i get a full mining hold or am trying to get it to warp to a rock after droping off or it is unable to right click on the overview and is just contiunesly right clicking in the same spot until i make it stop. i don’t know what i am doing wrong and just to let you know i am minning moon ore in wh.

here is the summry of me trying to get it to warp to the astriod that was far enough to warp

Welcome David :wave:
Thank you for sharing your experience!

That problem you describe can happen if your game client uses a new way to display the UI elements used to initiate the warping.

The solution will be to add the appearance from your game client to the training data set used to build the bot.

When you send me the export of such a play session, I can adapt the bot to your game client.
You can send the file (or a link if you use a service like google Drive) to

Same thing happening to me should i also just mail such a session to you ? And btw is there a way to not have 100gb of recording after 3h of bot running my harddrives getting clogged up


Yes, when sending in the play session recording, best also add a link to the forum thread with the context.

The problem with storage efficiency was solved with version 2024-01-04 of the BotLab client. If you see more than 3 GB / hour disk usage with newer versions, let me know.