Mining bot "I cannot see the ore hold capacity gauge."

Hi! i am having troubles with this bot bots/implement/applications/eve-online/eve-online-mining-bot at 4a8c9b900f8676c2bb98d2f3c9e91cd945439234 · Viir/bots · GitHub When i launch it everything works perfect except that the bot only can read all the other inventories then the Ore Hold. When i select Ore Hold it says “I cannot see the ore hold capacity gauge.” If i select Drone Bay or just the Venture’s inventory it reads them both as Ore Hold. and keeps mining forever even if the Ore Hold is full.

I am totally new to this and just followed the guide but i didnt get it to work so i say sorry in advance for my noobiness :smiley:

Welcome and thank you for the feedback!

This failing to read the capacity gauge can happen depending on the appearance of the inventory in your EVE Online client. There is nothing that you should have done differently. It is normal to update the bot in such cases. The more training data we accumulate, the more robust the bot becomes.

I can update the bot to support your setup too when I have an example of your inventory. We had a similar case just three weeks ago that was fixed with a new training data sample.

Can you send me a screenshot containing the capacity gauge in the inventory, for a case where it fails to read?

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Thank you!
I hope im sending the right stuff now,
Im sending a screenshot of my game and my CMD when im running the bot.

Both screenshots are taken same time but in seperate pictures.

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Thank you for the samples, yes this is the right stuff.

I had hoped the relevant information is apparent in a screenshot, but I did not find it so far. The bot reads the game clients memory, so a screenshot is not sufficient in all cases to reconstruct the relevant parts of what the bot was seeing. In this case, I also need an example of the memory contents of the game client.

We already have a process for this; Following are the steps we use:

read-memory-64-bit.exe  save-process-sample  --pid=12345
  • The tool then creates a process sample file in the directory currently selected in the Command Prompt. When successful, the program exits with a message like the following:
Saved sample F2CC4E4EC28482747A05172990F7B54CFABAA7F80C2DB83B81E86D3F41523551 to file ''.

Can you get such a sample and upload it somewhere? You could also upload it at

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Hello! I think i did it right and i have now uploaded the file to the drop box :smiley:

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Thank you, that was quick!
In the file, I found what caused the capacity reading to fail. When rendering the numbers, the digits are grouped into groups of three and the digit grouping symbol used to separate those groups is different than the ones we have seen earlier. That also explains why it could read the capacity gauge for other containers: The digit grouping is only used when capacity is at least 1000.

I uploaded an adapted version of the bot.
Does this one work for you? bots/implement/applications/eve-online/eve-online-mining-bot at 43e433706b3673ce7fa66b286978ef165cc4bfdc · Viir/bots · GitHub

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Amazing it seems to be working perfectly now! Thank you for taking the time to fix it, you are the best :smiley: