Mining bot doesn't start


I’m a first time botter and have been playing EVE for a few years now. I’m using a VM under a VPN and bot in offline mode to test it.

The problem is that the bot can’t find the root UI.

EVE Online framework status:
Stop session (Did not find the root of the UI tree in game client instance ‘EVE - XXXX’ (pid 13732). Maybe the selected game client had not yet completed its startup? TODO: Check if we can read memory of that process at all.)

I followed the instalation tutorial and don’t know where the error might be.


That error can happen when you start a bot too early.
First wait until the game client shows at least shows character selection or the in-game UI. After that start the bot.

Also, for mining in EVE Online, I recommend using bot db8ff73090, as that is a newer, more advanced bot.

Sorry about the late answer.

I updated the Botlab and just tried to use the this mining bot :

I think it is the latest. Same error message but different pid. As I use a VM (and VPN) is there something I should check? Complete noob with VMs and botting.

Also I tried to start the bot while in character selection, docked in station and in space. Always the same message. I’m running in fixed window and all graphics at low.

Also is there a lighter substitute to VMs for botting to not disclose any mac adresses or other infos that could make my main accounts to be banned?


That is strainge :thinking: It could be that the EVE Online game client on your machine uses some new kind of memory layout. Best send the session recording export to for investigation.
You can see the export at

Thanks. I’m going to do it now

Just send you the play session .zip file

thx for your help

Hey Rocky,
I checked the session from 2024-04-12 that you sent me. The outcome was different in that session, as there was no such error. It looks like that session was less than 11 seconds long:

That EVE Online bot uses memory reading and needs some time on startup to search the whole game client process to find the root of the UI tree. This process usually takes between 20 and 200 seconds. The duration depends on the memory usage of the game client (which you can optimize by settings) and your hardware.
If you see a case where it does not find the root within 200 seconds, let me know.

You might be interested in further speedup - how do we avoid such delays in the future? If there is no other way to resolve that delay, we will skip memory reading and read all the necessary information via screenshots and image processing.
We already use screenshots and image processing for some parts of the game client that were too expensive to reach using memory reading. We can expand on that in the future, which would also make using the new browser-based interface (EVE Anywhere) easier.

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your fast reply.

When I launch the bot, it never finds the root of the UI tree. usually the process happens for twentish seconds then the message that it doest find the ui root appears.

When launching the bot, I do as follows:

1- Open eve launcher and check if any updates are needed ( if it does I update the game)

2- I launch my client and chose the character ( client in fixed window mode, 1080p (standard resolution) and all graphics on the worst option possible)

3- Minimize eve client ( with windows keyboard key), Launch botlab and choose the bot I want to run.

4- Make sure i’m docked in a station ( have also tried the procedure while in space) and minimize the client

5- run the bot

( Have also tried to open the eve client window as soon as the bot starts)

Is there something I’m doing wrong? Eve client option such as fixed window, minimizing client while bot runing etc…

If I’m doing all correctly I really dont know what’s happening. Tried launching the bot today and let it run for 10 minutes but without success.

Which message appeared in that case? That would be good to know as a starting point.
Can you send me a session where that happend?

When we have the info from your system, there might be a way to adapt the memory reading for your game client.

all graphics on the worst option possible

That is good in general :+1:

That sounds suspicious, I wonder if minimizing the game client during startup could mess with the bot program. I have never seen anybody do this. What I know for sure is that there are some tools that don’t work when the game client window is minimized.

Pretty sure docking is not required, starting in space should always work.

That risks failure, always start the game client first.

We will need to check the actual message that you alluded to. The messages from the bot often help find the cause of problems.

But generally speaking, I would avoid minimizing the game client before the bot has completed the first reading.