Mining bot doesn't start


I’m a first time botter and have been playing EVE for a few years now. I’m using a VM under a VPN and bot in offline mode to test it.

The problem is that the bot can’t find the root UI.

EVE Online framework status:
Stop session (Did not find the root of the UI tree in game client instance ‘EVE - XXXX’ (pid 13732). Maybe the selected game client had not yet completed its startup? TODO: Check if we can read memory of that process at all.)

I followed the instalation tutorial and don’t know where the error might be.


That error can happen when you start a bot too early.
First wait until the game client shows at least shows character selection or the in-game UI. After that start the bot.

Also, for mining in EVE Online, I recommend using bot db8ff73090, as that is a newer, more advanced bot.