Mining bot behavior

Hi guys and thanks for the help with Combat bot !

Today I have another question I need help with.
I am looking for a way how I can change the Mining bot behavior so he will warp to a Bookmark instead of a random belt.
By doing that I can mine both Ice and Goo.
Thank you

You can adapt this part of the code to control warping to the mining site:

Also, version 2021-09-17 (yes, published today) of the botlab client makes the editing roundtrip easier: You can now use the link from the code editor to start the bot program, just like other URLs into git repositories before.

Thank you Viir.
If there are other beginners like me, then this is how I edited it.

I had to change it like this:
(useMenuEntryWithTextContaining “location”
(useMenuEntryWithTextContaining “your bookmark name”
(useMenuEntryWithTextContaining "Warp to location Within

As we created new line and took out the "userandomMenuEntry you need a new “)” at the end.

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