Mining bot always warps to top belt

As it is right now, the mining bot warps to the top belt every time, until it’s clean of asteroids. Even when the belt is emptied, the bot will warp to it after undocking, see it is empty and then warp to another.

When running from rats (when runAwayShieldHitpointsThresholdPercent is reached), the bot docks to a station and warps to the top belt again, creating a loop until said rats change belts…

With the introduction of triglavians in belts this is a common occurrence, so maybe the bot should save the belt triglavians are in, and not warp in after undocking. Or even better, instead of docking to station when running away, simply change belts and remember not to warp to the “dangerous” belt for the next X minutes.

For those who prefer the bot to warp to a random asteroid belt, there is now this variant: FrontendWeb.Main

Saving observations from a belt is a different story; I don’t know if someone has already trained such a variant.

If you can share a recording of your scenario, I can take a look at adapting a mining bot.

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Thank you, you’re lightning fast!

Since I’m running a fork of this suggestion, it will take me some time to apply and test.

Regarding recordings, do you want screenshots per step or video?

Screenshots are better than video. A video needs to be converted to screenshots, so screenshots are closer to the goal.

In some cases, screenshots contain not all the necessary information to predict what the bot sees because the framework for EVE Online reads from the memory of the game client. In such cases, we switch to getting complete information. But I would start with screenshots, that might suffice.