Mine Rotation

So the bot works fine and does what it needs to. It undocks goes to the mining belt, collects, unloads, and moves onto the next belt.

The issue im running into is that it continues to rotate to other belts when it mined from a safe one.

How can i set which belt to just mine from and not worry about it rotating to the next one?

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This question looks like it is about the game EVE Online.

You can set this by not using the default mining bot but this mining bot instead: This mining bot for EVE Online contains more features and also has a configuration section to support picking mining sites with bookmarks. On the description of this bot I see it asks you to enter the name of a bookmark of your preferred mining site:

You can download this bot and then open it in the Sanderling app via Automate Something ElseLoad Bot From Local File.
For configuration of bots in the Sanderling app, we have this guide: How To Configure A Bot

set the bookmark and home to unload and the bot isnt working
also last measurement isnt reading how do i go about fixing that

If the memory measurement does not work, the bot cannot work. So this issue needs to be fixed first. Also, I would be surprised if this depends on which bot you load in the Sanderling app. As far as I know, this part is implemented in the app and not changed by loading a bot. Do you see any difference between the bots regarding the last measurement?

i have tried a few versions on the bot and all of them cannot read the measurements for some reason.

so i managed to fix the measurement issue but when running the script you mentioned above and after replacing the undocking issue the script does not see % in the cargo. So after the cargo is full it just keeps mining away and wont return to unload

Thank you for sharing your results. I will post an update when I have a better version of the mining bot.