Market Bot Possibility?

Hallo, wie gehts!?

I’ve been researching the possibility of a market/trade bot for updating orders and .01 isking. The only couple bots I found on google seem outdated and not working any more. Do you guys know of any market bots for botengine? Even if they don’t work I’d like to see their code and use it to help create my own.

If not, can someone point me in the direction of how to get started. Would I use the API explorer to try to find objects that I could use. For example how would I go about finding a bool for if the order is owned by me, or how to get a list of all orders for a particular item? It seems like I would have to have the game click an item, which theyre in a complex dropdown list, or maybe use the quickbar and add all the items I trade there, and have the bot cycle through each item in the list.

Do I need to have the bot use OCR to find the items in my quickbar and click them? or is there a way to tell the bot to click a certain entry in an array of entries in my quickbar?

To summarize, is this possible/not insanely hard, and where should I start?

Hey, I’m trying to do something like that, but , I didn’t write any code yet because I’m a bit bussy with my exams ( studying computer engineering). So if you want we will start a proyect. The next Monday I have an exam so I will have more free time. If you are interested contact me through telegram or discord, my alias is crusadesoflouis in the two ways.

Thats not a valid discord name, it requires the four digits after your name. airy52#5128 add me

damm I forgot the number in discord again lol . I have already add you I’m crusadesoflouis#0947