Looking for some help?

22-31-14.194: status transition from None to Failed.
this appears every time i try to run the bot i have looked through it personally but can not find any issues am i missing something really basic or have i removed something i needed ?

im completly stuck and more than willing to try learn as @kaboonus has seen today with me pestering him


To avoid this problem, you can follow this guide on how to use a bot:

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apreciate the help @kaboonus responded to pm and explained exactly where i went wrong

I have little question.How to settings bot mining with Hob drone for defense and return to ship when cargo Ore is full?

Welcome @Dredzior!

At the moment (June 2019), the way to apply settings to a bot is to add them into the bot program code, just like the operation logic.
I will soon add a simpler way to apply settings, without the need to modify the bot program code. Will post an update once this is done, at least at BotLab Devlog

Update 2019-06-18 (from BotLab Devlog - #18 by Viir):
I added new functionality to the botengine console to address this problem: You can now use the new --bot-configuration parameter to apply the settings to your bot when you start it.
I updated the guide to illustrate how this new feature is used, including an example command line: bots/how-to-use-eve-online-bots.md at cac1a1f9443786326ee03aaa59bac309805e696e · Viir/bots · GitHub