Looking for capacitor reader

Looking for someone to help develop a bot that can read the capacitor level and automatically use the shortcut for the capacitor booster …

To read the capacitor level you can use the one displayed in the ship UI:

Here is the section about the ship UI in the guide on the game UI reading: https://github.com/Viir/bots/blob/master/guide/eve-online/parsed-user-interface-of-the-eve-online-game-client.md#ship-ui

You can use the levelFromPmarksPercent field in the ShipUICapacitor to get the level in percent:

The ratting bot from the guides overview uses keyboard shortcuts:

So I found this implementation of using keyboard shortcuts in there:

Now it is integrated into the guide here: bots/parsed-user-interface-of-the-eve-online-game-client.md at dc06a1abad9aedc87b5be49f850bd77b4ea21793 · Viir/bots · GitHub

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