Looking for a pure salvage bot

#1 Read Corporate Bookmarks ( Specified Folder )
#3 Option to Remove Bookmarks if roles allow.

to read is not hard, just open the menu, you have a really simple example here:

delete the bookmark( even if you have to add a second menu, but you have the example on intel scrip):
Marvel/Marvel.cs at 57783587380b186a4574267889af7d6bee176d89 · kaboonus/Marvel · GitHub
salvaging( this is a bonus:):
Marvel/Marvel.cs at 57783587380b186a4574267889af7d6bee176d89 · kaboonus/Marvel · GitHub
it seems you already have all things here and there, you have only to copy /paste and put them together


so just changing the folder name in the code line ?
I have 0 experience when it comes to coding so i am trying really hard but still cant understand anything

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Honestly I do not know how to react at this " put them together" :slight_smile:
to jump from nothing at "put together " a script for salvage is too much for you.
better start a little lesson from here, with something more easy:

a general lesson:
a script ( or any program) need variables, and methods to do something.
for example:
you declare a variable:
var hello =" hello AgentGG";
after that you tell to sanderling like that: while this is true, print variable hello
in language is like that:
while ( true)
Host.log(hello );
and to avoid spaming with hello, you put an delay:
so all will be:

var hello =" hello AgentGG";
while ( true)

and if you want to change what you print, for example “Hello kaboonus” you can do like that:

  1. you change the variable hello like that:
    var hello = “Hello kaboonus”;
    and in the rest sanderling know what to do ( after you stop him, make the changes and start him fromF5)

print directly
Host.log( “Hello kaboonus”);

Now, this was a basic from basic example.
going back to scripts, these are more complex. after you learn a little on travel script, take my marvel script, look on his structure, how i declared variables, what logic I follow, and you modify him to your needs

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I have not much experience with EVE Online, so don’t understand what you are looking for. But if you can link a screenshot showing where to find the Corporate Bookmarks, I can take a look.

Have you had a look into the memory reading results where you can see how the bot sees the in-game user interface? I think knowing where in the memory reading you find the things you want to interact with or read is probably good in any case.

I just take a look in the API explorer and I think I figured out where things are right now.

And in the memory there isnt a coporate bookmarks folder reading but a list of things.

From like a bit of reading I assume that that :

  1. if (!SpeedWarping) = if there is a “!speedwarping” probably from the above text code, the bot will initiate the warp.

  2. Sanderling.InvalidateMeasurement(); void WarpToRandomFromFolder(string Folder, string actions) = got no idea what this line do

  3. var listSurroundingsButton = Measurement?.InfoPanelCurrentSystem?.ListSurroundingsButton;
    = you are declaring the the two variable is equal

  4. Sanderling.MouseClickRight(listSurroundingsButton); = order the bot to right click

i only understand until this point

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the variable speedwarping is a bool, defined at line 1365:

public bool SpeedWarping => Measurement?.ShipUi?.SpeedLabel?.Text?.RegexMatchSuccessIgnoreCase("(Warping)") ?? false;

the “!” before it means when the bool is not true so( it is the negation of true), all in all => if the bool speedwarping is false then it do something{}
all operrators are here:

Sanderling.InvalidateMeasurement(); it invalidate all measurements and make Sanderling to take afresh one. is to be sure I have there the fresh measurement
void WarpToRandomFromFolder(string Folder, string actions)
is a method void with some parameters
if you look on line 68 ( I think)
then it is used like that:
WarpToRandomFromFolder(Folder, “warp”);
so it use the variable ( string) declared above at line 42 and the action to do is “warp”.
Using the method like that it helps me to use the same method in divers contexts:
to warp; to “dock”, to “save location” etc… what it is on menu
you should search over the net about:

I declare ( to use later like it is the button.
later I use him like that:
click on him, like you said

i see, maybe for now we can just focus on the salvaging step, because i think i can just manually warp to the site for now. because i just finished my exam so sorry for the delays.

since my noctis will be the only ship that doing the salvage, and we dont have to set the target range or loot mtu or delete anything, no drones as well. and because i will be warping to another alt mtu that’s why i dont need to set the ranges.

Just select the wreck and salvage everything, when done beep once, that’s all.


here you have a salvager , but i dunno if is working. test him


wow thank you very much for your kindness… i am trying to learn too but really hard to start