Lol i feel stupid

So, it turns out i was using the beta version of your software and hit the 120 mark. then tried to buy credits, it’s not working (the buying credits thingy) just spun for a bit till i figured out how stupid i was, and switched to the latest release. Now works great again. I still don’t think it bought any but i’ll keep an eye on my cc.

I really like this engine of yours, reminds me of EasyUO , the only other script engine i’ve played with.

I do like the concept of paying if you ain’t helping, Cheffe would have made bank off the leachers w/ something like your credits for posting idea.

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Thank you for the feedback and describing how you found your way.

I think the rewarding of contributors is important as it will multiply the effectiveness of this engine.

I must have been too focused on coding, because I missed this. Where is this detailed? (The part about contributing instead of paying.)

I looked up the details on
On that site I read:

Contributors receive credits for free.
Did you make a tutorial, shared a bot or contributed in some other form?
You can contact me on the forum or via email to receive your free BotEngine credits.