License problem

Hello people,

I have problem today to connect to licenser server .

It seems to be down. Am i the only one or is this a know issue today ?

Thank for the work and thank for the reply.



I have the same issue

You aren’t the only ones guys. Two different machines same thing. Can’t connect to license server. Maybe the servers are down for Meltdown and Spectre updates?

Hopefully it’s back up soon, I wanted to Bot while I slept tonight.

Regarding the connectivity problem, I have received the following information from the hosting company:

Emergency maintenance work is scheduled for your root servers host system this night Tue., 09/Jan/2018, between 2100 and 0900 on the next day. The reason for the short-term maintenance is caused by the recently released security vulnerabilities ‘Meltdown’ and ‘Spectre’ (

I expect the server will be back up at 9:00 UTC

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What is the purpose or argument for the license server and connection?

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Tracking usage for usage-based billing.

Can’t blame you for thinking ahead. :wink: