License key not accepted


I get an error message on the Farmbot license key: Limbara.Free
Is it no longer valid?

Thanks, Kurt

Please use the version of the bot from

Earlier versions are not supported anymore.

I used exactly this one. I even downloaded agein from your link. Same result. The license tab stays with a red cross. Do I need a new license key?

Good idea, maybe the default license key has been overridden in your configuration.
To reset all configuration, move the executable file to an empty directory and start it from there.

Another idea what could be causing the problem is networking restrictions as implemented by firewalls. Try to temporarily disable all firewall and see if this makes a difference.

So far, I have no other ideas what could be different on your system. When I start it here, the status icon in the license tab turns green in less than 10 seconds.

What text is displayed in the textbox in the license tab?

Thank you!!!
The cause was the network restrictions.

Is the source code of this bot published? Can it be downloaded and looked at?

Is there a farming bot for the game “Astro Conquest”?

  • Kurt

Good to know you could make it work.

The source code for the Tribal wars 2 farmbot is located at GitHub - botengine-de/TW2-FarmManager

No, no bot for Astro Conquest.

I have the same problem. I have restrictions on a network to connection with unsecure https or some random port.
Is it possible to change the address from which the license is downloaded (in source), or disable the download if it is still free?