Let me know how to make my APP

Let me know how to make my APP.

Failed to run the APP, but it continues to be paid.


In the screenshot I see the problem:
You used App 8d05afa726… with a setting priority-rat. That app does not support a setting with this name.

You can use the priority-rat setting with App 4a802c6a1b…: https://catalog.botengine.org/4a802c6a1b2e38f5ccc0304119d24bc9f5d963eed5c1373f7d1a46e3d18d7357/configure-run-app/eyJvbmxpbmVTZXNzaW9uIjpmYWxzZSwiYXBwU2V0dGluZ3MiOiJwcmlvcml0eS1yYXQgPSBBbHZpIiwicGF1c2VBcHBLZXlzIjoiIiwic2Vzc2lvbkxlbmd0aExpbWl0IjoiIn0=

Another tip about finding apps: When you enter priority-rat in the search box on the catalog, it also shows you a link to the same app:

–app-settings=“anomaly-name=Drone Patrol,anomaly-name=Drone Horde”
–app-settings=“scary-rat = Infested Carrier, scary-rat = Lookout Tower”
–app-settings=“priority-rat=Alvi, priority-rat=Alvior, priority-rat=Alvum”

I am living in null-sec.
The above 4 settings are essential.
Please make an APP that includes all 4 settings above.

Sure, no problem. I combined some recent apps to make an app like this. You can use it here: FrontendWeb.Main

I used App 8d05afa726… as the basis and then added the new setting from Implement today's feature idea from Dante · Viir/bots@4784ba2 · GitHub on top of that.

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