Latest .NET version requires SP1 with Win7

The latest Sanderling release requires a .NET version that only installs on Win7 with SP1. I use Tiny7, which doesn’t have the ability to install SP1. Is there a way to get around this somehow? (I would prefer to be able to use the latest updates, and not be stuck on the previous version.)

Why do you think so? Do you have any sources for this claim?

For example, Sanderling runs fine here without Win7.

When i followed the .NET link in GitHub, it said sp1 was required, and I believe that it wouldn’t install when I tried. I can check again, though.

Yes, it’s true. I tried to install .net framework on win 7 “tiny” and the system did not allow me (requires SP1).

Well that is unfortunate. Tiny7 only requires 1mb ram to run eve. Win10 is double that. :frowning: