Last Version of Mining Bot


i take your latest mining bot Version for EvE to test.
mining bot used



i hope it helps!

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Where can I find the bot you used? Which command did you use to run that bot?

The screenshot shows bot DEDB0385C1, but I cannot find that one.

I your link, I only find this address:

GitHub - Viir/bots at 0e9ead6bf75411e7e93f07bfa6eabb28830b35c5

But when I try to use that, I only get this error message:

When I change the address from your link by appending the path to the mining bot, I get bot D9A746A329:

PS C:\Users\John> botengine  describe-bot                                                                                           This bot source looks like a URL. I try to load the bot from Github
I found 12 files in ''.
Description of bot D9A746A32959976EAD08D9D06998D913A5E2FF6154E61A63579AB97AABB7EA63:
framework ID: E991F5E1F80540A00E9E5D9E99390D9E907487EA30E9394911DB0E811A5A0104
I found the following description in the bot code:
{- Michaels EVE Online mining bot version 2020-03-12

   The bot warps to an asteroid belt, mines there until the ore hold is full, and then docks at a station to unload the ore. It then repeats this cycle until you stop it.
   It remembers the station in which it was last docked, and docks again at the same station.

   Setup instructions for the EVE Online client:
   + Set the UI language to English.
   + In Overview window, make asteroids visible.
   + Set the Overview window to sort objects in space by distance with the nearest entry at the top.
   + Setup inventory window so that 'Ore Hold' is always selected.
   + In the ship UI, arrange the modules:
     + Place all mining modules (to activate on targets) in the top row.
     + Place modules that should always be active in the middle row.
     + Hide passive modules by disabling the check-box `Display Passive Modules`.
   + Enable the info panel 'System info'.
tags: eve-online, mining
authors forum usernames: viir

D9A746A329 is also the newest version I found in the repository.

Looking at the error message in your screenshot, looks like that setup uses a new number formatting:

I would be surprised if the parsing of such numbers worked with the older version of the bot. I do not find a recent change in that area:

Thank you for the sample. I integrated this into the training data and updated the bots to support that number format too:

You can load the updated mining bot from bots/implement/applications/eve-online/eve-online-mining-bot at 4b237b58ea96aa1478cbc9f9109c30950499112d · Viir/bots · GitHub

Sry i was bussy.

that was the complete Link, what i downloaded.

thx for the fast reaction, i test it later

Now i see, the format changes to point from semicolon.
My last Mining test was at 10.03. 11:05, after this i didnt test the Mining Bot.
At 10.03. 12:00 Uhr they install the new Release and Patch,
i start today with a fresh download from github.

i only can think that they change the format in the patch?

As long as the new bot works for you, I see no need to spend time on investigating if or why they changed something.

Hello, i found what CCP changed in EvE.

I am German and using the English settings in EvE, as they need for the Bot.
For me personal is it not the Problem.

As i write from the Patch Notes, they are looking at the region settings from Windows now.

I try to change settings as one idea and i am right

EvE looks now at the Regionssettings and take the standard from your windows.
i test it as i changed the settings and then EvE change the settings too.






We know now what they do.

If i read all correct, the underlaying Sanderling is using C#.
If it not better, to read out the Windows Globalisation Culture, take the Nummer Settingsformat from there and turn it over to the bot.
A lot of more work i know, but it made more Stable and it is unit test rdy.

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Yes the new Bot Release work for me, with my German Standard Windows Settings

Vielen Dank für den Einblick und das testen der neuen Version!

Die Einstellungen von Windows in den Bot zu integrieren wäre auch machbar.

Falls du noch mal Probleme findest werde ich mir das anschauen.

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Ich will jetzt erstmal die 3 Ideen in die neue Version integrieren und nach und nach testen.
Allerdings komme ich meist nur spät abends dazu