Last measurement failed

I have been working on developing bots based on the sanderling APIs.
However, during the last week, when I came back from a vacation, I found that the FromProcessMeasurement object, which is used to get all info from the game, ALWAYS come with value=NULL.
Furthermore, the sanderling app is not reading memory as well.
The binary release I downloaded is Release Preview 2019-05-13 · Arcitectus/Sanderling · GitHub.

Some users reported that it is possible to configure the EVE Online client in a way, so that memory reading does not work. It might be that the game client installer had automatically switched to an unsupported configuration in one of the automatic updates when you came back from your vacation.

Some time ago, NimaQu posted instructions on how to fix the configuration here: unsuppot 64-bit game client · Issue #63 · Arcitectus/Sanderling · GitHub

Does this work for you?

It works after:

  1. Changing to 32bit EVE client
  2. Compiling the bot code with “any CPU” configuration (which was x64 before).
    Thank you for your help!
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Interesting, did not think about changing something on this side. Now that you mention this setting, I have a look into the history of the Sanderling repository. I see that the Sanderling App switched the other way here: Switch to 64 bit windows process to mitigate out of memory issues. · Arcitectus/Sanderling@be3c6f6 · GitHub

Can anyone explain to me (a total non coder) how to get this working again just for the autopilot bot? Running 32bit doesn’t solve it for me so I assume I also need to compile the bot as “any CPU” where it was x64.

I found a detailed guide on how to run a warp to 0 autopilot bot: bots/ at 5f346d555bcb2ac21a5edb95ba1beca68047b7dd · Viir/bots · GitHub
Use this bot source when starting the bot: bots/implement/bot/eve-online/eve-online-warp-to-0-autopilot at a054948285918c5d8616e4f5941fcda015b7cee6 · Viir/bots · GitHub

Does this work for you?

That is still a bit over my head. I just use the built in autopilot bot having never dabbled in anything else. This all stopped working only about 4-5 days ago though. It was fine before that. Something with a change to default 64bit? So I would imagine any source from before this change would not help?

Oh I have just discovered that the launcher resets to 64bit every time you open it so it has to be changed to 32 every time and this fixes it for me as it has for others! :slight_smile:

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