JS error on website, no pages loading properly

Hello, I’m receiving an endless JS error on any page on the website.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'childNodes')
    at _VirtualDom_addDomNodesHelp (elm.js:3676:27)
    at _VirtualDom_addDomNodesHelp (elm.js:3684:8)
    at _VirtualDom_addDomNodesHelp (elm.js:3670:10)
    at _VirtualDom_addDomNodesHelp (elm.js:3684:8)
    at _VirtualDom_addDomNodes (elm.js:3600:2)
    at _VirtualDom_applyPatches (elm.js:3707:2)
    at elm.js:3997:16
    at updateIfNeeded (elm.js:4032:56)

Tries on Firefox and Chrome, Windows 11.

Can you replicate this or is my local network doing something weird? Thanks!

Edit: Fixed, my own fault. DarkReader breaks the DOM when it edits it. Sorry for the false report!

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Thank you for sharing your solution!

I recommend disabling browser extensions like Dark Reader and Grammarly on the sites botlab.org and reactor.botlab.org
Extensions like Dark Reader sometimes modify the HTML DOM, which can break some Virtual DOM implementations, resulting in JavaScript crashes like the one you have seen there.

(The site forum.botlab.org uses a different implementation for rendering, so might be more robust against such uncoordinated modifications)