Job offer :)

Look for someone who can build from sanderling a full anomaly running bot :

  • Undock/Dock in citadel
  • Warp off if blue is in an anomaly or stay if blue warp in after me
  • Use active modules!!! Very important (active shield, pointer and etc.)
  • Align to spot or citadel and stop ship after
  • Use drones and missiles
  • Kill priority by NPC
  • Warp off from anomaly if neutral or red jump to system
    This bot is for personal use, not for sale or something like that.
    I fly in Rattlesnake.
    Budget 100$ :slight_smile:

Are you serious? lol :smiley:

nope, it;s a joke, boys on upwork can do that for 100 bucks but you do not :smiley:


Good Luck man to find someone would do this for 100$ (nobody will do that for 100$ from zero)

Probably you can find someone will do that with sanderling, someone like me, I did already all you wrote, but you are not consider much points.

Missile Refill
Drones Refill

and those are only some examples about game mechanics.

After this you are not consider the “social impact” and guarantee on what are you asking, too much effort for take you in real consideration :slight_smile:

what do you say if i finance you a bit in exchange for your bot, so I understand and appreciate the work done by you,and that I never ask somthing for free, and of course I understand that $ 100 is very little but what to do, i don’t have much money :slight_smile: thank you