How can you tell what is considered a weapon when sanderling parses tooltips?

I know that you can fit weapon, hover over to get tooltip and look at sanderling parse …

I mean is there a way I can tell what the sanderling framework considers to be a weapon?

I remember there is a boolean property called IsWeapon on a type which represents a tooltip. I guess that is what you mean.
I search the Sanderling repository on github for the string IsWeapon: Search · IsWeapon · GitHub

Using this textsearch yields several results, one of them is this:

I guess this is the assignment where the decision is made for the given tooltip whether it is considered a weapon.

Thanks …

I was running a script and it was not recognizing a meta weapon as a weapon … but I will mess about with the code to see if I can get it to see it as weapon in the above code.