Issues w/ Included Mining Script

Got everything working and I’ve had a couple of successful sessions, but every so often, when selecting the asteroid to mine, the bot clicks the “reorder” section of the mining tab, and all the farthest asteroids come to top and renders the session dead.

Suggestion on how to clear that up?

From my experience bad misclicks can happen only in one case - you move your mouse at the same time bot does it. With no intervention from outside world the bot is precise for me.

I think it depends on what you instructed the bot to do. Without any instructions it should not click anywhere.

Topic context includes mining script, right? :slight_smile:
I meant that almost all misclicks that happens during mining script execution happen because I’m moving my mouse at the time bot needs to click something.

Thanks for pointing that out.

For the included mining script, there are multiple instructions for clicking. Knowing which one was used in that case could help narrow down the cause.

It can happen that an UI Element which was present during the measurement is not present anymore. Was this the case here?

The mouse is turned off after setting up the bot. I alt tab to sanderling and f5 to start it. So, there is no additiona’l mouse input, ever.

It must be the click that locks target on the closest asteroid. nothing else gets close to the area of the overview that resorts by distance.

All panels are open and not overlapping when measurements are taken.

It happens infrequently enough that it’d be tough to sit through an entire session to see if it happens.

I had a similar issue. When undocking took to long (lag because of high server load i guess) the bot tried to hit the undock button again. by that time undocking had happened and the bot hit “add tab” in the overview instead. my fix was to move the stationmenu so this could not happen again. i had no issues since that.

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Ok I’ll try that. I upped the UI scale to 110% and it seemed to cut down on it.
But now, every so often, it doesn’t use one of the miners… (like some runs it’ll use both, some runs it won’t)

If it’s not one thing, it’s another.