Issue with mining

I am playing arround with the mining bot and actually it doesnt work for me…
Some things are working like unload and undock but it doesnt get the “Ore hold capacity”

In terminal I see:
I am in space, shield HP at 100%. Ore hold filled Unknown%.

  • I see we are in space.
    ++ I cannot see the ore hold capacity gauge.

It looks like the values in the memory has changed… i try to fix it by myself but im getting lost here selectedContainerCapacityGauge.
I dont know how i can interacting directly with with the game over the botengine.exe so i am stranded :slight_smile:

Maybe some side note…
I started the game in german and i played normally and then i switched to english for the bot.
But this makes in my point of view no difference becuase the values in the memory should be the same.

Welcome, and thank you for the feedback!

The bot failing to read the capacity gauge can happen depending on the inventory’s appearance in your EVE Online client. There is nothing that you should have done differently. It is normal to update the bot in such cases. The more training data we accumulate, the more robust the bot becomes.

I can update the bot to support your setup too, when I have an example of your inventory. We had similar cases that we solved with new training data samples.

Can you send me a memory reading from your game client from a time where the ore hold was selected in the inventory?

The simplest way to get the reading is to get the archive of the whole session of running the app. You can get a file containing your session by clicking the “Download session archive” button in the session view in DevTools:

DevTools - initial view of a session

Here is a way to open the session view: bots/ at 8eb1b1053d02fc32dc0cf865afab3549c506cd9e · Viir/bots · GitHub

Sure, thank you for support.

Here you can fin the zip.

here is the pass:

File is just accessible until tomorrow.

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Great! I got your session archive and adapted the mining bot to that scenario.
You can download the new mining bot from FrontendWeb.Main

Running a simulation with the new program code and your scenario results in a different status text:

Session performance: times unloaded: 0, volume unloaded / m³: 0
Current reading: Ore hold filled 0%. Shield HP at 100%. I do not see the drones window.
+ I see ship UI and overview, undocking complete.
++ The ore hold is not yet filled 99%. Get more ore.
+++ I see no locked target.
++++ I see no asteroid in the overview. Warp to mining site.

All the changes in the program code are here:

Thanks for the changes!

Well unfortunately there is an other isse with the bot…

here the zip
Pass is the same above

Ok at the first try it was working wich means it warps to the destination and then it starts mining.
But in some cases the bot seems not to recognize that there is no rock to mine…
which means it try multiple times to enable the laser but nothing happens because no new rock was locked.
to the bot clicks anytime on the deactivated laser.

some side note, in my cases the first laser was decativated but the second was still enabled. Maybe this is a hint for the problem.

after i paused and locked manually an new rock then the bot has the issue that it starts the first laser and stop it again, then again start and stop it, and this in an loop untill no more power ist aviable. after enought power is recovered it seems to work again…

Thank you for sharing your observations.

Behind the link in your last post, I found the archive
It looks like this is not the one that you wanted to post: When I open, I see the bot did not find the “Ore Hold” because the game client was set to german language.
Here is an excerpt from the status text:

Current reading: Ore hold filled Unknown%. Shield HP at 100%. I see the drones window: In bay: Unknown, in local space: Unknown.
+ I see ship UI and overview, undocking complete.
++ Ore hold is not selected. Select the ore hold.
+++ I do not see the ore hold under the active ship in the inventory.
++++ Click the toggle button to expand.

To fix this issue, the fastest way is to switch the game client user interface to english language.

When we have the right session archive for the laser activation issue, I will look into that.

To avoid downloading the wrong session, you can check the status text from the bot. You can see the status message from the bot after selecting an event in the timeline on the left:
session event details view after selecting an event

its need to make an new test…
looks like i have not probably closed the bot, i get this error when i try to load the session:
"Failed to load session summary: BadPayload: Problem with the given value:


This is not valid JSON! Unexpected end of JSON input"

is there an other way to generate the zip?

The current implementation is not optimized to be robust against interruption at any time. So if you shut down the engine before the session ends, this might cause the error you saw.
With this mining bot, one way to end the session is to close the associated game client window.

Another way is to use your zip tool of choice on the session directory under %localappdata%\botengine\run-app-session. The subdirectory’s name should be the same as the session name displayed in the engine window while running the app. The archive contents from the button in the UI should be the same as the directory contents. The button is just a way to make it easier to find.