Issue switching to new asteroid

Hello, new user. Been testing the program out and it works up well up until a new asteroid needs to be selected. It appears the issue I am having is the cursor hovers over the depleted asteroid on the overview before it has a chance to fully disappear.

As soon as I input the stop command the depleted asteroid immediately disappears from the overview. If I let it run the cursor just hovers over a greyed out depleted asteroid and tries to open a context menu, and gets stuck in a loop.

I’m unsure if there’s a configuration I can set up myself to correct this, any help is appreciated. I also pulled the log of one short session if you need it. I ended session after it looped for a couple minutes.

Thanks in advance.

Welcome @NoodleFarmer :wave:

Thank you for sharing your experience.

That is perfect :+1:
I can fix the asteroid selection when you send the session recording to

It sometimes happens that the developers of EVE Online make changes to how things appear in the game client. And when the visual appearance of things in the game client changes, some bots might fail to recognize them. Then we update the bots with recordings from the new version of the game client. The same principle applies to distinguishing between normal and depleted asteroids based on their representation in the overview.