InputSimulator in C# and eve online

hi I’m trying to use InputSimulator in a C# eve online Bot that I’m working on.
I’m tying to open the probe scanner with alt-p, the game gets the alt key and holds it but that’s it.

I have tried:

InputSimulator sim = new InputSimulator();
sim.Keyboard.ModifiedKeyStroke(VirtualKeyCode.MENU, VirtualKeyCode.VK_P);


InputSimulator sim = new InputSimulator();
sim.Keyboard.ModifiedKeyStroke(VirtualKeyCode.MENU, new[] { VirtualKeyCode.VK_P });

using WindowsInput.Native;
using WindowsInput;

any help you guys can give would be appreciated.

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more infos you find here ( if you want to use on A-bot): Avoiding to struggle - a guide for beginers

				yield return new BotTask //open windowprobes
						Effects = new[] { MotionParamExtension.KeyboardPressCombined(new[] 
								   VirtualKeyCode.LMENU, VirtualKeyCode.VK_P
						}) }


if you want to use on a Sanderling script,
if (probeScannerWindow == null)

Sanderling.KeyboardPressCombined(new[] { VirtualKeyCode.LMENU, VirtualKeyCode.VK_P });

more examples for a sanderling script you finde at ( and check the master branch/last commit on git):

and here


if you want to avoid spagetti code, I’d recommend to define shortcut class something like:

public class KeyShortcuts
		public static VirtualKeyCode[]
			Key_ProbeScanner = { VirtualKeyCode.MENU, VirtualKeyCode.VK_P },

and then when you need it simply call

if (null == MemoryMeasurement?.WindowProbeScanner)
	yield return KeyShortcuts.Key_ProbeScanner.KeyboardPressCombined();

then you can maintain all your shorcut keys at one place instead of searching whole code over and over again.



Cool Thx, ya I’m trying some bots out. lots of good ones here. lol most of the ones i see are from you guys.