Infested Carrier

Thank you for answered two questions and I have one last question.

-The exact name of the carrier type NPC is Infested Carrier.
-When the site is clear, it appears randomly. If it appears, my ship will be completely destroyed even if only 4 hits.
-Is there a function to dock immediately when a special NPC appears, such as Infested Carrier ?

I would appreciate your reply.

That sounds like identifying that NPC should be simple.

That depends on the games rules (I don’t know all of them). A bot can not influence the possibility to dock immediately, it needs to follow the same rules as other players. As far as I have seen, docking immediately is not possible in EVE Online. Often you will have to travel to a station or structure first.
To learn about the game mechanics, I think you will find more experience people at

Another idea, maybe it is easier to understand this way: The bot has functions to send mouse input and keyboard input to the game. It can move the mouse, click mouse buttons, press and release keyboard keys, etc.

It’s this funtion:

    overviewContainsRatToGoToNextAnomaly =
        case (context |> botSettingsFromDecisionContext).ratNameToGoToNextAnomaly of
            Nothing ->
            Just ratNameToGoToNextAnomaly ->
                    |> List.any (.objectName >> (String.toLower >> (==) (String.toLower ratNameToGoToNextAnomaly)) >> Maybe.withDefault False)

Thanks for the reply.

Please tell me specifically how to use it.

ex) --app-settings=“anomaly-name=Drone Patrol,anomaly-name=Drone Horde”

Do I have to enter app-settings like this?
Or do I have to enter it directly into the source program?
When I meet Infested Carrier or Lookout Tower, I would like to go to the next site.

I would really appreciate it if you let me know.

I uploaded a combat anomaly bot support this here: FrontendWeb.Main

That program code is already prepared for your scenario, you only need to change the app-settings.

This is the app-settings string for your scenario:

scary-rat = Infested Carrier, scary-rat = Lookout Tower

Thanks for the perfect answer.

Can I enter 3 setting values in --app-settings as shown in the picture?

Or should it be entered using [cmd]?


To combine multiple settings, use a comma (,) to separate the individual assignments.

Here is an example:

hide-when-neutral-in-local = yes, anomaly-name = Drone Patrol, scary-rat = Infested Carrier, scary-rat = Lookout Tower

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This is a great new feature, but I would request another one, that will be very helpful:
‘priority-rat = key_word’

if bot sees a rat on overview with key_word in its name, it should kill it with higher priority.

Ex. all NPC frigates who warp scramble your bot in anomaly do have the same naming part, for Angels it is like Gistii Rogue, Gistii Raider, Arch Gistii Raider, so if ‘priority-rat = Gistii’, the bot should kill this rat first.
Is it doable?

However, the following error message was displayed.

Failed to parse these app-setting: Unknown setting name ‘priority-rat’.