includeClickableAsteroid criteria

I’m adding a filter for certain types of asteroids, and it works with one item but with either space or comma separated values, it isn’t picking it up - if I want to filter multiple asteroid types, how do I do this?

Welcome Alan :wave:

So an example would be you want to include both “Veldspar” and “Scordite”.

Here is how you could do that:
First, declare a function like this to support filtering:

type alias BotSettings =
    { includeAsteroidPatterns : List String

asteroidOverviewEntryMatchesSettings : BotSettings -> OverviewWindowEntry -> Bool
asteroidOverviewEntryMatchesSettings settings overviewEntry =
        textMatchesPattern text =
            (settings.includeAsteroidPatterns == [])
                || (settings.includeAsteroidPatterns
                        |> List.any (\pattern -> String.contains (String.toLower pattern) (String.toLower text))
        |> Dict.values
        |> List.any textMatchesPattern

Then, in the place where you want to use the criteria, apply that function like this:

asteroidOverviewEntryMatchesSettings { includeAsteroidPatterns = [ "Veldspar", "Scordite" ] }

When you have a concrete list to filter, coming from an overview window, you can combine it with List.filter:

    (asteroidOverviewEntryMatchesSettings { includeAsteroidPatterns = [ "Veldspar", "Scordite" ] })