Ice Mining

I have no idea how any of this code stuff work but I know that the default mining script doesn’t do ice. How would I make it work with ice?

what’s the name of asteroids(belts/fields etc) for ice?

Blue Ice Belt & Clear Icicle Belt

The belts don’t appear in the normal overview wither they only show up on the probe scanner

In this case is normal to not take ice belts; and also the default scripts are like a tutorial, if you want, to see and learn how you can automate things with Sanderling, and is used for ore asteroids (you missed to read the begining of script?? : “This bot mines ore from asteroids and offloads the ore in a station” or " This script mines ore from asteroids." : first line of script.
To mine Ice you have to mod the mining script like:
take the “takeanomaly” function from ratting or garbage script and adapt to take Ice belts
replace the warp to site belts in mining script
adapt the modules snipets for ice mining lasers modules ( if is needed, i have no ideea)
in the end adapt entire script ( retreat, warping, etc etc)
After is function (well, you will have some errors from time to time but is ok) publish im on pastebin or git and here on forum oublish a description, what he do and the link to the source code ( on git or pastebin) and take credit for a new script