Ice-Belt is Empty

Hello Guys!

I want to show a part of my ICE-Minig script.
I have build in a “Bot goes to Sleep” option, when the Ice Minig Belt is Empty.
It works for me very good and save Bot-Time.

	//if all asteroids away in ice belt then stop
	//maybe you need them
	//var Measurement_warp = Sanderling?.MemoryMeasurementParsed?.Value;  
	//var ManeuverType = Measurement_warp?.ShipUi?.Indication?.ManeuverType;
	if(null == asteroidOverviewEntryNext && (!(ShipManeuverTypeEnum.Warp == ManeuverType	||
		ShipManeuverTypeEnum.Jump == ManeuverType)))	
		Host.Log("no asteroid available, flying home");
		Host.Log("Bot go sleep.");
		Console.Beep(1047,200); Console.Beep(800,200); Console.Beep(600,150);  //Better sound ;-)
	        return BotStopActivity;

hints/tips/tricks are welcome :slight_smile: