I am so lost

So I downloaded the basic mining script for eve online and after 15 min it tells me that the offline session has ended. also how are you guys editing the scrip. All help is appreciated, sorry I’m very new to this!

Welcome, Avery!

Offline sessions are limited to 15 minutes in general. That is not specific to any app or EVE Online. More info on that here:

The easiest way to start editing the mining app is using this link: Elm Editor

This link brings you directly into a code editor that loads the mining bot’s newest program code. When you make changes there, the editor checks your changes from problems. I created this link by taking the link to the app on GitHub and entering it in the “Project”->“:open_file_folder: Load From Git Repository” menu entry in the editor UI.
The link to the app I got on GitHub is this one: bots/implement/applications/eve-online/eve-online-mining-bot at ceaed444ced9f0dc24a92f0887b1303e4ccd130d · Viir/bots · GitHub

One easy way to get a link to an app is by copying from a catalog entry.