How To Monitor Efficiency Of Your EVE Online Bot

When running a bot for hours unattended, I found it useful to have a tool which gives me a high-level overview over botting sessions. I thought some of you might benefit from it too, so I am sharing this here.

Do you see varying results from your botting operations? Are you wondering what affects the efficiency of your bot?
Are you wondering about questions like these:

  • How often is my bot interrupted by rats or other players?
  • Which systems are best to operate in?

Using log files you can record the information needed to find the cause of problems. But when running a bot for hours, a lot of data is accumulated this way. How to filter all this data to find the five minutes of interest within a ten-hour logfile?

A proper visualization makes it easier to find the interesting parts. This image shows an example of a mining bot operation.
In this example, two metrics are enabled for display:

  • Level of the ships ore hold (blue)
  • The ships shield hitpoints. (green)

By looking at the graph, it is easy to see at what times the bot was interrupted or attacked.

These charts can be generated automatically from logs. If you would like to use this too, let me know.