How to know if the bot is invisible?


How know if the bot is invisible ? (with module is easy, but at end of jump ?)

I do believe this is not present in current measurements (I mean top icons with booster/non-logoff/invul)
But what you can do is simple timer after jump, for max 60s

something like

if((timer) && (shipmanuever == null)) // am cloaked

The Sanderling memory reading is only to read information which is also available to the user.
A good rule of thumb is: When you cannot see something in the eve online client and can not make it visible by removing occluding UI elements in front, do not depend on Sanderling finding it.

I think he meant this timer:


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yes he does… and as far as I can tell, this information is not present in the readings.
Anyway, you can sett timer after jump manually, why not

Yes, l meaned something like that, but we need save any movements too (like approching) to be sur :confused:

in sandy is easy to use the delay;
in A-bot ;not ( for me)

see my post several days ago… :slight_smile: