How to get into Botting

Hey there,

I would like to know how one could get into botting. I sadly lack a lot of programming experience that most of you obviously have and I admire.

I would love to vni/gila Rat in some Systems, but for the love of god I wouldn’t know how to start

Yours Truly


Welcome @CgP :slight_smile:
Well, the first step is already done, creating your first post and to say hello here.
Next steps are easier because they do not ask for courage.
After you take a look at:

you will have a better idea how one could start botting.

most of us don’t have experience or skills in programming, and since you admire this skills and experience, you could start to learn, together with us.

surfing and reading the forum, I’m sure you will find a way, the best for you, to start. But remember, botting is cheating and cheating is punished, by God and games owners :slight_smile:

Truly, myself :))


Hey, thanks for the feedback!
Iam looking through some of the work others have done, trying to find what would best fit my plans.


For ratting, there is already a bot, no need for programming experience:

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iv been doing a little bit with coding. making an eight ball , making a calculator. i wanna make something that interests me and been looking at not making a bot as such as i dont want to do afk botting but looking at making a super carrier assist bot thing.

what i mean is a bot that once i press a button it will target all rats in a haven. if my target lock is full it will once a space has come free target the next one. once it has targeted it will tell fighters to orbit then get each heavy fighter to target its own bs and get all lights fighter to target bc or cruisers and so on and while doing this make sure my fighters are orbiting.

my problem is this is new to me and not sure how to start as i dont want a fully afk bot

any advice would be great

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Welcome @yogibear!

Regarding how to start: I would start by finding out how a player could do the process you described, starting after the signal (the button press).
How can you do that by using a keyboard and a mouse to send input to the game?

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Is this bot for free?