How to detect "Jammed" and fly to another asteroid belt

[Eve Online]

It looks like drones are no longer attacking NPCs after the latest update.

Some of the NPCs are able to use jamming and the “Jammed” icon is displayed, and mining ship is not able to lock onto asteroids.


Please could there be functionality added to detect “Jammed” status and to fly away to another asteroid belt?

Sure, when we have a memory reading of your game client with the jammed icon visible, I can look into adding the detection.
It would be possible to use the image data for the detection, but this would take more development time. Using memory reading is faster at the moment.

You can link a complete session recording archive; I can get memory reading out there.

Here is the recorded session:

I am looking at some of the events in this session. In the events 379 and 469 the offensiveBuffButtonNames contains the value "electronic". I did not see any different strings in that list, so for now, I assume this is the condition.

I adapted the bot here:

This is the new branch for your version:

You can run it from FrontendWeb.Main

Thank you Michael. Subsequent to this, I noticed drones are attacking the NPCs again. I then found the following patch note from CCP:

PATCH NOTES FOR 2020-12-11.1
The change to drone behavior made on 8 December has been reverted. This means that drone functionality will be exactly the same as before the patch with ‘Aggressive’ setting once again automatically attacking NPCs. More information can be found on EVE Online forums.

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