How to change orbit focus

I’ve been playing with Anomaly Bot and it orbits a target (an enemy ship). Is there any way to change the orbited target to something that isn’t a ship? Like a structure?

Yes, that is a simple change. I loaded an anomaly bot into the editor and made this small tweak to select the object to orbit:

In this example, we use the overview entry to issue the orbit command in the game client. That means we do not need to make it a target to give the orbit command.

You can run this bot by inserting the link as the bot program source.

Thanks for the pointers.

I’ll take a look through and see if I can work it out. The link you gave tries to orbit the Infrastucture Hub in System

I’ll also try and see if I can hard code the options into the script as I can’t seem to pass arguments to that link.

Sorry, am rather new to this. Appreciate your help.

You can adapt it to orbit anything you want by changing this part:

        overviewEntriesToOrbit =
                |> List.filter (.objectType >> (String.toLower >> String.contains "structure") >> Maybe.withDefault False)

The linked bot program code uses the Type column in the overview to filter the entries.

While looking at this change, I found we can improve readability in those parts of the program code. So I changed the examples for EVE Online here:

And this is the simplified change for orbiting: Elm Editor