How to avoid getting banned in eve online

Hello there, I want to discuss how to avoid getting banned in eve, last year they banned some 70k accounts for botting and I would rather not become part of that statistic. I have done my testing on a virtual machine behind a vpn, are there any tips the community can share to make to make our botting experience safer from bans?

When you look at how people get banned, you see getting reported by other players brings the biggest risk. There are various ways to reduce this risk:

  • Choose an activity that results in little contact with other players: For example, running security missions means much less exposure than mining in asteroid belts.
  • Check on your bot to see if it behaves suspiciously. Watch recordings of your bot to see if any of its behavior looks suspicious. Of course, you don’t want to spend ten hours watching after your bot completes a ten-hour-long session. The recordings are too long for us to watch everything. To avoid this problem, focus your checks on a fraction of activities that most likely cause problems. You can use the performance metrics of your bot to guide the selection.